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code of ethics



We present this Code of Ethics and Conduct, for the knowledge and observance of all Prime Seafood employees. 


It is a document containing the principles that should guide people's actions and behavior, in internal and external relations, in the performance of their duties.


This document was developed by a committee representing all areas and approved by the partners and directors, therefore, it represents the joint commitment of the teams to the company and society, in search of building a more productive, safe and gratifying, to, through example, encourage in everyone the desire to build a better world.





Providing high quality fish with sustainability and the pleasure of bringing you the best of the sea.



To be recognized worldwide for the excellence and quality of our products and to remain among the most profitable and sustainable in the sector.



  • ethic

  • Excellence

  • Innovation

  • Sustainability

  • customer satisfaction

  • Commitment to results

  • Employees performed






The Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct is a set of guidelines that apply to all employees, regardless of hierarchical level.


It must ensure an ethical and transparent relationship with all parties involved in the business, define parameters of action and share practices and values.


All Company employees and Prime Seafood board members must work towards creating sustainable values for the Company, thus contributing to a better society and world.




The Code of Ethics will be distributed through printed material at the time of hiring employees by the DP area – Personnel Department.


Employees must sign the term of commitment after receiving the Code of Ethics, giving knowledge and agreement in relation to compliance with the guidelines contained in the material.


The Code of Ethics will always be available at any time for consultation by all employees through printed material with the managers of each area.


 Prime Seafood's managers will be of fundamental importance in the process of disclosing the Code of Ethics with the employees of their respective teams, and must guide and clarify the doubts of their collaborators.




All Prime Seafood board members and employees act in accordance with the points set out in this statement of corporate attitudes.


These attitudes are part of our philosophy, Prime Seafood's DNA, and our way of being.


  • Attitudes towards employees:

A company is made up of people and its results depend on people. 

  • Our greatest asset is our employees.


  • Attitudes towards customers: 

Our commercial activities start following the customers' guidelines. 

  • The consumer is our reason for existence.


  • Attitudes towards society:

As our business benefits from nature, we will conserve resources and treat the land, rivers and oceans with gratitude. 

  • Respecting the environment is a matter of survival.


  • Attitudes towards shareholders:

We must be permanently committed to the results and strategic objectives of the company. 

  • Our commitment to results must be permanent.




  1. Tell the truth

Telling the truth is a fundamental premise of the Prime Seafood employee.  Maintaining fair relationships with all people, including our internal customers (coworkers), customers, shareholders and business partners.


Act honestly with an unquestionable attitude and posture from an ethical point of view.


Follow the standards of personal integrity and professional conduct, protect yourself and Prime Seafood from legal, financial and image risks, among others.


  1. Act with transparency and ethics

Carry out activities with transparency and good faith, maintain a firm awareness of being good corporate citizens and not deviate from social ethics and morals. 


Prime Seafood values ethical behavior and transparency in its relations with all stakeholders.  Therefore, it is expected that no employee takes advantage of their "position" or "authority" to obtain personal advantages with customers, suppliers or others. 



  1. Practice healthy and safe acts in the work environment

Safety and well-being in the work environment is a permanent action and daily commitment of all employees.


Practicing healthy habits, acting in the prevention of accidents, as well as contributing to improving safety in the work environment and quality of life is a valuable behavior in the company.


  1. Respect co-workers

Prime Seafood does not discriminate in any way in relation to race, sex, age, social class, nationality, religion, disability, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation.


Harassment, threats, moral or physical intimidation, embarrass, humiliate and destroy personal self-esteem and especially organizational cohesion.  


All the company's actions are governed by the strict observance of justice and respect for people, ensuring everyone ample freedom of expression, as long as it is exercised with responsibility and respect.


Prime Seafood disapproves of any type of harassment (moral and sexual), abuse of power or behavior and warns that such acts are subject to legal proceedings under current Brazilian laws.


  1. To preserve the environment

We are fully aware that the basis of our activity depends on nature and living organisms, which is why we understand their mechanisms, respect and live with them.


Prime Seafood respects Brazilian environmental legislation and supports initiatives and activities aimed at sustainable development and respect for the ecosystem. We are committed to building a better society, capable of acting with a “recycling” mentality.  We are all responsible for establishing actions to encourage the reduction and use of waste generated by our Company.


  1. Fulfill the duties of the position

Knowing your responsibility and fulfilling your obligations is a fundamental role for each employee.


We must not shy away from our responsibilities or problems, however big they may be, we must face them with determination, perseverance and determination.


Always promote technical development and improvements in all the company's production processes (own or third parties), from the strategic planning stage, through the industrialization process, and up to distribution and sale to consumers.


  1. Comply with company procedures

Carry out our functions with due understanding of the objectives prescribed in the procedures and in compliance with the internal rules of conduct and policies in force.


  1. Ensuring product quality

The delivery of safe, genuine and satisfactory products to our customers will be the starting point of all our actions.


Our focus is customer satisfaction, providing adequate answers and solutions within the established deadlines, always in accordance with the organization's objectives and without harming them, either directly or indirectly. 


  1. Act professionally at all times

To act professionally, loyally and sincerely in work relationships with a spirit of overcoming and change, always with passion and seeking both personal and team growth.


Prime Seafood incorporates in its principles and actions the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations (UN) and the Statute of Children and Adolescents. Therefore, we do not accept the use of forced, compulsory, child labor or any other form of exploitation that harms human dignity inside or outside Prime Seafood.


  1. Preserve confidential information and Company resources.

Use company resources only for professional purposes defined by Prime Seafood. 


All information of interest to the company is discussed internally and exclusively between employees and areas involved with the matter in question, always preserving the aspect of confidentiality of information. 


All employees who carry, read and approve documents containing privileged information are responsible for the required levels of confidentiality. 


Each employee is responsible for the correct use and maintenance of computer equipment, software, systems, as well as electronic devices placed at their disposal to carry out their activities. 


All attempts at illegal access to information systems are recorded and monitored by the Company, and misuse is subject to punishments provided for in the Brazilian Penal Code.


The intellectual property of all programs, plans, projects and software developed in the company belongs to Prime Seafood, even after the employee leaves.




At Prime Seafood, we consider improper conduct to be the practice of any behavior that is in disagreement with labor legislation and our Code of Ethics and internal rules. 


          Segue abaixo as principais condutas rejected by the company:


  • Failure to present yourself properly in terms of hygiene and clothing in the workplace. For men, it is not allowed shorts, tank top and for women, it is not allowed necklines, transparencies, short clothes;


  • Wear shorts or swimming trunks on the company premises, including on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays;


  • Absence from the workplace, during normal working hours, without being duly authorized by their immediate manager;


  • Smoking on company premises;


  • Refusing to use individual and collective protective equipment (PPE's and EPC's);


  • Carrying weapons of any nature on the company's premises;


  • Committing acts of vandalism or damage to the company's assets;


  • Using alcoholic beverages or intoxicating substances on the company's premises, as well as having access to the premises in a state of intoxication or under the influence of drugs;


  • Falsify, purposely misplace or render unusable official company documents;


  • Play games of chance for profit within the company (Playing for money);


  • Use or intentionally allow third parties to take advantage of information or influence obtained in connection with the position;


  • Practice loan sharking or any type of loan or illicit trade that takes financial advantage of colleagues;


  • Register the point or sign minutes or attendance lists on behalf of others;  


  • Practice acts of sabotage;


  • Misappropriating company or colleagues' belongings;


  • Committing violations in the lockers of the administrative, manufacturing or changing rooms;


  • Committing acts of vandalism in the company's vehicles or in the transport offered by it;


  • Failure to present any legal document to the personnel department when requested, especially in cases of medical justifications, certificates, return to work and INSS leaves;


  • Encourage internal conflict or contribute to an anarchic and hostile climate in the company;


  • Use internal computer network communication for extra professional purposes, disobeying the internal information policy; 


  • Using the functional cell phone improperly, violating ethical and information security principles;


  • Remain on the company premises after the end of working hours without due justification or authorization from the immediate superior;


  • Disrespecting the fulfillment of the working day and the respective rest intervals;


  • Arriving late frequently without proper justification;


  • Request or accept special favors from third parties (kickbacks, gifts, etc.), whatever the value or intent.


  • We do not offer or allow our employees to bribe or allow themselves to be bribed in any business, whether public or private.


  • Having intimate relationships or exchanging affectionate caresses with other employees on company premises.





To gain the trust and empathy of customers, all people who work at Prime Seafood must fulfill their responsibility to constantly improve the quality of the products, doing everything possible to increase their satisfaction even more.


  • Ensure the quality of our products to customers;


  • Establish an integrated quality assurance system throughout the production chain, including third parties;


  • Use exclusively materials and inputs in our industrial process of safe origin and origin, in accordance with the determinations of the Ministries of Health and Agriculture;


  • Produce our products in facilities that have adequate process controls, within the technical standards required by Organs competent bodies, and with duly qualified people to perform their activities;


  • Establish and maintain a controlled logistics system to deliver products to our customers and consumers without affecting their quality;


  • To carry out a permanent dialogue with our customers, aiming to improve our products, thus meeting market expectations; 


  • Act immediately with the purpose of studying the case and adopting the necessary measures in the face of customer and consumer complaints.




Prime Seafood respects Brazilian environmental legislation and supports initiatives and activities aimed at sustainable development.


  • Do what we can to keep our activity sustainable, properly controlling the available resources and preserving the environment.




  • It is the responsibility of each employee to act preventively, with maximum attention and safety in the work environment;


  • Identify risks and observe unsafe conditions or acts, which must be reported immediately to the Occupational Safety sector;


  • Respect the determinations, notice boards and guidelines of the Occupational Safety sector;


  • Correctly use the equipment provided by the company to ensure safety and health at work;


  • Make use of work tools and machines respecting technical and safety requirements;


  • Maintain order, tidiness and cleanliness of the work environment to prevent accidents.




All our suppliers, service providers and business partners must comply with laws and regulations, know our values and respect the ethical principles of this code. We expect responsibility from our partners in the treatment of confidential information to which they have access during our business relationship.


  • Product Quality – All raw materials, products or services must meet quality requirements, specifications and product approval process flow.


  • Use of privileged information – All information, dealings, volumes, commercial conditions and all other actions related to the purchase of raw materials, products or services are strictly confidential and should only be disclosed with authorization from the Prime Seafood Board of Directors. It is strictly forbidden to record images (photos and videos) in the company's structures, including: products, processes, machines, equipment and physical structure. 


  • Bribery – It is strictly prohibited by Prime Seafood any type and form of bribery, extortion, embezzlement or any procedure related to this type of conduct for any area or department, with any employee. All commercial negotiations between Prime Seafood and its suppliers aim solely and exclusively at benefits and advantages for the related companies. 


  • Leisure, Favors and Gifts – Maintaining a good relationship that is healthy and cordial is in the interest of both parties, with the objective of commercial purposes only and without any influence on the decision of how Prime Seafood will do its business.





Prime Seafood does not allow, does not tolerate and will punish all possible forms and situations of corruption, fraud or bribery, whether by offering or demanding, or by receiving things of value, whether or not involving public officials._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_


Employees, including contractors and suppliers, must fully understand and comply with the Anti-Corruption Act (Law No. and internal company procedures. 


Prime Seafood will not provide financial support or any assistance to any individual involved in criminal activities. Nor will it provide any type of assistance in procedures in which individuals or legal entities seek to hide the resources of criminal activities or make them appear lawful, observing the Law against Money Laundering Crimes (Law No. 9,613/98).




Any irregularity or non-compliance with the principles and rules of the Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct must be immediately reported to the direct manager or Director of the area.


All information will be treated with confidentiality and secrecy. 


Reports, identified or anonymous, can be made through the following channels: 





  • When approached by the Surveillance Service, cooperate.


  • Entry and exit of materials have rules that aim to preserve the safety of the employee and the company's assets.


  • Fixing of posters, leaflets and other printed matter must be submitted in advance for the appreciation of the Personnel and Administration Department.


  • The delivery of medical certificates to the company must be carried out within a maximum period of 48 hours after the date of issue.


  • In cases of sick leave or accident, the return to work can only occur after the employee has been submitted to an examination by the occupational physician.




  • The topics covered in this document allow us to evaluate most of the situations that exist in our company, but do not necessarily encompass all possible occurrences.


  • In case of doubt or suggestions, the employee should look for his/her immediate superiors, or the Personnel Department/ADM areas or leave his/her suggestion in the complaints/suggestions box.




  • Employees must observe this document, circulars, work orders, notices, communications and other instructions issued by Prime Seafood. 


  • The employee will receive a copy and must read this document, keeping the copy for periodic consultation, declaring, since signing the receipt, to have read and to be in agreement with all its precepts. 


  • This document is an integral part of the Employment Agreement, and may be replaced by another, whenever Prime Seafood deems it convenient or as a result of any changes in labor legislation.


  • Omissions or unforeseen cases will be resolved by the company in light of the CLT and the relevant complementary legislation.  

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